Meeting March 08, 2011                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, A. Caschera, B. DiBella, D. McDermott, S. Masullo, C. Smith, C. Kress, C. Pratt, and A. Santabara

Coaches and Managers in attendance:
C. Mulyca, D. Audette, E. Surls, S. Dillenbeck, J. Cintula, C. Gregg, M. Hart, C. DeMyer, M. Coehlo, K. Cranker, and P. Dowse

D. McDermott called the March 2011 monthly board meeting to order at 7:30pm at the Columbo Club, Rotterdam, NY.

JFebruary 8, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes – Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Steve and seconded by Chris to approve the minutes as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report (B. DiBella) - Bob presented the treasurer's report and reviewed the summary and transaction report and stated that the account is in very good condition as of January 31, 2011. A motion was made by Charlie and seconded by Angelo to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Registrar's (S. Masullo) – U19Boys are the only team that has not been registered at this time. Every coach needs to see Steve today to check their roster. There were some issues with coaches and he may not have had pictures for all your players. Rosters had to be submitted with what Steve had in order to meet the CDYSL deadline. If there are changes to your roster please get them to Steve ASAP. Steve and Bob will also check to see which players are paid in full before you can receive their pass.

CDYSL has a new rule that you can guest roster players from within your club. Players can play up two age levels however, you always have to play with your own team first. The max of guest players per game is 3 players. Details can be found on the cdysl website. There is a registration procedure for guest players so it must be done ahead of time.

Spring Soccer - Flyer has been prepared and it will be sent out to all the schools. Chet is looking for volunteers to take the flyers to the schools. We still need to decide on a format for coaches. Discussion was held, the club will reach out to older players to be coaches for the spring program and the younger players as assistants. Each head coach will be paid $10/hr. Varsity coaches will reach out to Schalmont and Mohonasen players.

Spring Tournament- We have four teams signed up so far for the tournament. Dave will send out an updated list of teams to coaches and managers throughout the month. Coaches need to start recruiting teams for the tournament with only a month to go. Field set-up is 3/26 at 9:00 the rain/snow date will be 4/2. Lights will be delivered the week of the tournament and be set-up Thursday night, volunteers are needed to help.

We are raising the prices for the concession this year. Kathy handed out a pricing list. The date for the next tournament meeting is 3/21 at 8:00pm following the managers meeting.

Marketing & Fundraiser (P. Dowse) - We were approached by Captain U, a web based recruiting system to encourage players to start their resume for colleges. Focus of this marketing is for U14 and above. As each team signs up for the tournament we will send them information to sign-up with Captain U. Captian U pays us to come to the tournament and then charge parents to have a professional recruitment videos made during the tournament.

The Club has been working with The Coupon Cart to develop a worthy card. Managers said that it was best to sell them in the spring. There is a half page ad for Rotterdam Soccer running in the coupon cart flyer that gets sent to 20,000 homes. The ad mentions the worthy card and directs people to order at, orders can be done online or by mail. Mike Coehlo, The Coupon Cart owner, passed out a list of merchants for the card. We will approach the companies for ads and will be selling space on the card. Discussion still needs to be made on how the club will sell the cards. Cards will be ready within the next week.

Old Business – Nothing at this time.

New Business - Mandatory CDYSL meeting on April 2 mini sessions in the morning or afternoon. There is a managers meeting on 3/21 and the tournament meeting will be held on that same date. Angelo Santabarba will be the new CDYSL representative for the club.

Bob has been coordinating with a local gym, Sportime, regarding a sponsorship. Sportime will be running a soccer tennis tournament, playing tennis with a soccer ball and your feet. They have groups that come in and run the tournament he would like to coordinate with the club. Sportime also donated a free family membership for a fundraising basket for Kelly O’Brien. If anyone has items that can be included in the basket please let Bob know. The basket will be raffled off at the tournament.

A schedule has been put out to all of the coaches regarding cleaning responsibilities at the club. If each team does something small every week the club can keep this indoor space clean.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Angelo C. seconded by Angelo S. to adjourn the meeting at 8:49pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush