Meeting July 12, 2011                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, A. Caschera, B. DiBella, D. McDermott, C. Smith, B. Jones, P. Dowse and A. Santabarbara

Account stands in good shape as of June 30, 2011. We reviewed expenses for the past year to determine costs for next season. It was determined that the costs would be $440 per player which includes mandatory fundraiser for the year. The U19 players will get one uniform and no indoor time at $315 per player. U8 players will have one practice per week and the cost will be $340 per player.

There is interest in running a development/academy program during the winter. The focus would be on the younger age groups U8-U12. Dave asked that all board members and the coaching directors work on an idea of how the program should be structured over the next few weeks. Email ideas and we can discuss at the next board meeting.

Capital Expenditures - Dave is getting prices for the netting along field two. Dave will work with Joe Lomonaco on drawing up plans for the concession stand expansion. After the plans are ready, a budget for the project will be created. There was also discussion on redoing the bathrooms however no plans have been made at this time. The septic tank needs to be emptied, Chris will contact the company. Interest in having sponsors buy signs that would line the back of the fields behind the goals similar to those at the little league fields and the soccer hall of fame. The signs would provide the sponsors with a year with of advertisement and would help keep the ball on the field. Pat is talking with capital signs on their ideas for material and creating the signs.

Coaches - Discussed coaching for the girls and who is assigned at each age level.

Travel - Tryouts will be held Monday 7/18 U10-U12 Boys, Tuesday 7/19 U10-U12 Girls, Wednesday 7/20 U14 & up Boys and Girls. The last tryout went well with the new registration system. It was very helpful to have a number of people evaluating each age group. Need coverage each day next week to help with registration and evaluating.

Dave received an email from Greg Sichak on a proposal for a U17 team. There are a group of players that previously played for the club and would like to come back and form a U17 team. This team consists of kids at U16 and U17 age group. Dave will set up a meeting with Greg and Cory to discuss. If the team forms it will not be exclusive to a specific group of kids. This may help with the small group of 16's that currently don’t have enough for a team.

Uniforms - Will continue to work with Angelo on the uniforms for next year. A number of different options were discussed that Angelo will bring back to Gems and Mass for more information on price and quantity that would be required. Everyone was in agreement that even if it costs a little more or if a higher quantity must be purchased we should try to have the manufacturer do the screen printing. Angelo will bring samples to the next meeting. All teams will receive the same uniform this year rather than different sets for boys and girls. Angelo has a supply of old styles that the club will work with him on using for spring soccer or selling during the season.

Family Day - Board members should arrive at noon to help set-up. The following is the list of items left to do:
Face painting – Bob
Send Vendor Checks - Bob
Radar Gun – Chris
Movie “Kicking and Screaming” – Angelo S
Signs – Pat
Players for the Junior game – Angie
Confirm Vendors – Angie
Fire Department (fill tank) - Angie
Generator – Steve, Angelo C, Wendy DeMarco
Game Shirts (75) – Angelo C.
Water Fundraiser – Angelo C.
Sound System – Angelo C or Angie
Presentation – Dave
Port-O-Johns – Dave
Picnic Tables and Garbages – Dave
Town Official - Dave

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush