Meeting September 11, 2012                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, B. DiBella, D. McDermott, P. Dowse, A. Caschera, A. Santabarbara, D. Audettte, B. Jones and M. Hart

Coaches and Managers in attendance:
T. Volans, K. Engel, C. Mulyca, and P. McLaughlin

D. McDermott called the September 2012 monthly board meeting to order at 7:30pm at the Columbo Club, Rotterdam, NY.

August 14, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes – Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Michelle and seconded by Angelo S. to approve the minutes as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report (P. Dowse) - Pat presented the treasurer's report and reviewed the summary and transaction report and stated that the account is in Very good condition as of August 31, 2012. A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Angelo C. to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Pat went over the report for the Frosinone Camp. This was the first year that the camp has broke even.

Registrar's Report - The club will have a new registrar this year and this will be a paid position. Steve and Dave are setting up a meeting this week with those that are interested. Teams have been set-up online and kids can begin to register. If there is no coach for the team there will be a color assigned to the team. The older players that have not been assigned a team should register so we can see where we are for numbers. They will not be asked to pay until the team has formed. The board discussed a few scholarship requests any additional requests should be brought to the board. Scholarship players will need to register but can mark “pay with check” in the system.

Marketing and Fundraising (P. Dowse) - Wotking with Julie Rouse to sell 31 bags at rec soccer for the next three weeks. Monies raised from this fundraiser will go towards scholarships. We will email flyers and information to teams. Club will receive 18% of sales if anyone books a party club will get an extra $10 per party. This fundraiser does not cost the club any money up front. We are looking at 2 dates for Recovery Grill fundraiser one in the fall and one in the spring. Pat will get in touch with Recovery Grill for 10/17 or 10/18. Would like raffle donations for the Recovery Grill fundraising night. Pat would like to plan a meeting for those that are interested in being on a fundraising committee, looking at the end of Sept. Pat will set this up and email everyone.

Fall Rec - Refunded all 7th&8th grade enrollment. There are a little over 500 kids registered which is down slightly from last year. The first day of rec went well, but had to cancel the second half of the 5/6 games due to rain. The flyer about travel placements will be distributed to all rec parents. The placements have been changed to Sunday 10/14 at 1:00pm so they do not fall on a vacation weekend. All coaches will be given cones and a bag. If we want to give out balls we need to purchase them.

Travel Teams - All the teams are set-up online. Dave went over the teams and coaches for the year. They are all listed on the website. Indoor facility practice times will be selected at the next meeting. Fees this year will be $450. There will be a different fee for the elite teams. Indoor facilities sent an email that they are charging $12/player for insurance fees. This is separate from travel fees.

Old Business – Nothing at this time

New Business - Coaches need to find a manager and give Angie the contact information. Managers meeting schedule for 10/15 at 7:00pm. Managers get the uniform for free. Dave has contracts for coaches but will wait until next meeting to hand them out. Dave will also have keys for all coaches at the next meeting. There was a request for goal keeper training this will be discussed next meeting.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Bob seconded by Michelle to adjourn the meeting at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush