Meeting October 8, 2013                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, B. DiBella, P. Dowse, A. Caschera, M. Hart, S. Masullo, D. Audette, B. Esposito, A. Santabarbara and B. Jones

Coaches and Managers in attendance: T. Volans, P. Sgueglia, V. Urbano, M. Cassano

Consent Agenda - A motion was made by Michelle to approve the consent agenda and seconded by Bob E.

Sportsplex Pricing, promotions, and play days are all the same as last year details were passed out to all in attendance. Many divisions at each age level to provide best skill level for your team. Frequent user promotion for those playing in 3 sessions if playing session 1 & 2 you get $150 off session 3. There is a tournament bundle participate in 3 tournaments cost is $700. Nancy, the Sportsplex representative, provided her contact information for anyone that has questions. Rental fees go through John Daniels. Nancy will follow up with Pat with more information. Anyone that registers for session 1 gets free practice space in October.

Pat passed out a coach and manager list please review and let us know if there are any changes. Pat explained the idea of a consent agenda and that the board had discussed financials. A motion was made by Angelo C seconded by Danielle to approve the financial report. Important items for all in attendance, all coaches within the club are now paid coaches. If there are coaches at this meeting that have not signed a contract please see Pat after the meeting. We will also be paying assistant coaches by waiving the registration fee for one child. For the managers in the room you get the $80 fee for your uniform the u8 managers get $40 for their uniform.

CDYSL- Angelo Santabarbara is a rep for CDYSL there is a meeting on Thursday. There is nothing to discuss regarding CDYSL at this time. All new managers and coaches need to do their risk management form which can be found on The risk management form is good for 2 years. RYSC reimburses the $12 fee, bring the receipt to Bob Esposito. Coaches can get a one year waiver but within a year you must obtain a coaching license. Classes are posted on the CDYSL website. The club reimburses half the cost of the license. For all coaches we will do a full uniform kit would also like the kit for the assistant coaches.

Scholarship - We are not advertising that we have financial assistance. If coaches or managers are aware of people that need assistance please see Pat. CDYSL also offers assistance. Fee is $500 for U10 and above and $250 for u8. We will also be asking managers to help follow up with parents that have not paid their registration fees.

Travel Registration- This year if a picture is more than 2 years old you will have to update the picture. Early registration fee before Nov 1st if paid in full the club will reimburse $25. When your full team is registered and you have all of the pictures let Tammy know so she can get the team registered with CDYSL. The earlier you can get your teams registered the better. If anyone is planning a tournament by January you must have your registration in before November 30th. The earlier you get the work in the better. Managers can upload a picture themselves.

Fundraising - has agreed to be a business sponsor this year and will underwrite some of the expenses for the uniforms. They are also helping us fundraise for a new indoor facility. We are in our last year at the State street facility and we are looking at some new larger space. We are looking at a facility with Pede Bros. There will be more information coming soon. Raised $66 at Menchies and held a bottle and can drive during the fall rec program. All of this money will go towards the scholarship fund. October 23 we will be holding a Dine to Donate at Recovery Sports Grill, the club gets 20% at this event. A save the date will come out this week. We would like to put together a fundraising committee if anyone is interested please see Pat. There are individual team fundraisers available a handout was passed out. If you are interested in any of these fundraisers you can coordinate with Pat.

Bobby and Angelo will be holding a coaching meeting we need to get as many coaches at these meetings as possible. We would like to see the coaches working with each other and coordinating at these meetings. The next meeting will be announced soon.

Fall Rec - Field take-down is October 26th.

Travel Team - practice times were selected for each team. The practice times will be posted on the website -

Old Business - Nothing at this time.

New Business - Nothing at this time.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Steve seconded by Angelo C to adjourn the meeting at 8:52pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush