Meeting November 9, 2010                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, A. Caschera, B. DiBella, D. McDermott, S. Masullo, C. D'Ambrosio, C. Kress, A. Santabarbara C. Pratt and A. Santabarbara

Coaches and Managers in attendance:
M. Cassano, S. Miller, C. Mulyca, M. Woodrow, B. Jones, J. Cintula, P. McLaughlin and E. Surls

D. McDermott called the November 2010 monthly board meeting to order at 7:30pm at the Columbo Club, Rotterdam, NY.

October 12, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes – Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Charlie and seconded by Angelo to approve the minutes as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report - (B. DiBella) Bob presented the treasurer's report and reviewed the summary and transaction report and stated that the account is in good condition as of October 31, 2010. A motion was made by Chet and seconded by Steve to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Registrar's (S. Masullo) – 172 players registered. The younger teams are being completed quickly with a few teams ready to be submitted to CDYSL tomorrow. Make sure you complete your background check. Background checks are holding up some of the registrations. If you are playing any tournaments, not at Afrim’s, Steve needs your registration completed as soon as possible.

Travel Team Update - Get your uniform orders into Angelo. You can email them to Angelo or drop them off at Anca’s. The boys will receive the white and black uniform and the girls will receive the red and blue uniform. Two coaches still need to sign contracts. Coaches need to work on getting their licenses upcoming courses are posted at Bob went over outstanding emails in the RYSC inbox and asked that coaches follow up with the requests.

Fundraiser - The Kohl CARE card program ran during the recreation season and was unsuccessful. The small number of cards will be ordered through the club however we will not do this again in the future.

The club made $300 on the TOPS Diner fundraiser. Discussing dates in the spring for another TOPS Diner fundraiser.

Pat is working with Mike Coelho from The Coupon Cart on selling Rotterdam business savings cards again this year. Mike and Pat are coordinating with local businesses for a spot on the fundraising card and also a sponsorship for the 35th anniversary of the club.

Indoor Facilty- Goals are in but we need some padding around the posts. Make sure kids are cleaning up after themselves. If the garbage is full take it out and put it in the dumpster. If you use the cones and pinnies at the facility please leave them there.

Old Business – Fall recreation received $2300 through the pictures and trophies. There will be a fall recreation update and update on the previous business card fundraising activity at the next meeting.

New Business - Next Thursday night the board will meet to go over fundraising and tournament activities. The tournament has been set for April 8-11, 2011. The tournament will be early this year because of where spring break falls and the start of the CDYSL season. Flyers will be made and passed out at the December meeting so you can start recruiting teams.

Fred Saccocio would like to offer speed and agility to the club again this year. Dave will get in touch with Fred and see if we can set it up. Speed and agility will most likely take place during the open slots on Saturday.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Bob seconded by Chet to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush