Meeting December 10, 2013                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, B. DiBella, P. Dowse, M. Hart, D. Audette, A. Santabarbara and B. Jones

Coaches and Managers in attendance: T. Volans, E. Pochobradsky, B. Smith, T. Zarrelli, F. Amoroso, C. Comenzo and C. Knauf

Pat called the December 2013 monthly board meeting to order at 8:00pm at Columbo Club, Rotterdam, NY

November 12, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes - Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Bobby J. and seconded by Michelle to approve the minutes as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Financials – Account stands in vey good shape as of November 30, 2013. Fall rec program made a good profit. On the website travel team managers can see the a/r to help out the treasurer. If you need a username and password for the page contact Bob DiBella.

Treasurer's Report - Account stands in good shape as of December 31, 2013. Fall rec program had a nice profit. A motion was made by Michelle and seconded by Angelo to accept the treasurer's report as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Registrar's Report - We have 2 full teams registered and a 3rd almost done. As soon as your team is all set you need to let Tammy know. You should really try to get them in before January or you will be waiting a long time for registration. Pictures can be uploaded by the manager or Tammy if it is submitted electronically. Be sure any adult on the team has completed their risk management.

If a player is not registered they will no longer be able to come to practice. Pat will send an email to managers to forward to parents.

Building and Grounds - Moving indoor facility to Pede Bros facility July 1, 2014. We are kicking off a capital campaign and trying to get parents excited about the campaign. The campaign website will be mailed to everyone that is registered with more information. This will also get posted on our facebook page and you can share it on your social media sites. We will be taking equipment from the state street facility which will cover half of the facility. The campaign goal of $30,000 will help us cover the other half of the field. We are also looking for corporate sponsors. If you are aware of them please send to Pat. Buster is working on putting together packages for signs around the indoor facility and tournament sponsorships. Fundability will send you a receipt that can be used for a tax donation. Next events/planning meeting will be January 8 we could use additional people helping out with a number of the events.

Goalkeeper Training - We had 7 show-up we were missing a few this week. Schedule is posted at the State Street facility. In January or February we will work with the older kids too. Working on a speed and agility coach and footskills clinic. These will be in addition to your practices. Footskills camps will be held over February break 3hrs per day if there are enough older kids we will have a session in the afternoon for them. There will be an expense for this camp details coming.

Spring Soccer - Coaches and assistant coaches - we will target the local high school players.

Tournament - will be combined with January events meeting. Flyers will be available at the next meeting for you to hand out to teams. We do require parents to volunteer for 2 hours during the tournament or they can opt out by paying a fee, more information coming at the next meeting

Travel - All uniform orders have been submitted. The uniforms should start to be handed out this week. There was an interest for team fundraisers one fundraiser is World’s Finest Chocolate. There are 60 bars per box if you are interested in your team selling chocolate let Pat know she will also email all managers with details. Pat will send out another sheet with additional details. Had 4-5 coaches take advantage of first aid and CPR training with Mohawk Ambulance. Practice schedules – there was a request by one of the coaches that if you are not planning on using the facility during your scheduled time please let people know especially over vacation time. There are sheets hanging at the state street facility if you have parents that would volunteer to help out picking up the facility. If paper supplies are needed let us know.

Old Business - Nothing at this time.

New Business - Nothing at this time.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Bob D seconded by Michelle to adjourn the meeting at 8:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush