Meeting December 14, 2010                                      Back to Meeting Minutes

Board Members in attendance:
A. Bush, A. Caschera, B. DiBella, D. McDermott, S. Masullo, C. Pratt, C. Kress and A. Santabarbara

Coaches and Managers in attendance:
E. Surls, S. Dillenbeck, C. Gregg, B. Clark, B. Glennon, J. Cintula and B. Jones

D. McDermott called the December 2010 monthly board meeting to order at 7:30pm at the Columbo Club, Rotterdam, NY.

November 9, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes – Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made by Angelo and seconded by Charlie to approve the minutes as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report - (B. DiBella) Bob presented the treasurer's report and reviewed the summary and transaction report and stated that the account is in Very good condition as of November 30, 2010. A motion was made by Chet and seconded by Angelo to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted. All in attendance were in favor. Motion carried.

Final payment for travel season is due on 12/31/10.

Bob presented the Fall Recreation report and stated that the club made an adequate profit after expenses were disbursed.

Bob presented the fundraising report for Coupon Kart Savings card. The made $560 for the scholarship fund and the teams divided this amount for those who participated.

Registrar's (S. Masullo) – Steve is waiting on pictures from the majority of teams. All teams need to get there pictures in as soon as possible to get the players registered. CDYSL has notified registrars that all teams have to be registered by March 1 or they will not be playing the outdoor season.

Travel Team Update - Players are needed for the U17 girls, U17 boys and U19 boys teams. All other teams are doing well at this time.

Dave passed out the team commitment forms for the outdoor season, they need to be completed and returned to Dave at the January meeting. Dave can help you fill it out if you need any assistance. Coaches need to stress to players and parents that players can practice with other teams at the same age group and can play at the next age group up. The practice schedules are posted on the website.

There was an incident this week with one of our teams. Cory and Dave went to the game to talk to the parents and the coach. Please do not handle situations with parents and players through email. The issue has been resolved with the team, coach and all players involved.

Fundraiser - 2011 is the 35th anniversary for the club and we will be celebrating throughout the year. The club will kick-off the anniversary year in April with the tournament. A family day will be held July 24, 2011. Family day will consist of an alumni game, bbq, and activities for the kids. An adult only banquet will be held in October consisting of dinner and entertainment, more details to follow. The club will also be selling the Coupon Kart Savings Cards and the companies will purchase a spot on the card. There will be another committee meeting this Thursday at 7:30.

Spring Tournament- Angie will email all of the forms to parents, coaches and players. This is the number one fundraiser for the club all coaches need to recruit teams for the tournament. Coaches and managers should recruit at least 4 teams in their division.

An Italian team, U12 division, would like to play in the tournament. The players would stay with families and the parents and coaches would stay at a hotel. The club would try to pull in premier teams to play against the team. An email will go out to parents of U12 and U14 boys requesting them to sponsor a player.

Old Business – There is still one day available for the Schalmont gym, if your team is interested notify Angelo. Make sure kids do not enter the gym until 6:30.

New Business - Foam was donated for the indoor facility. A group will be coordinated to line the walls with the foam.

Dave will try to work with goalies during practice and we are trying to get a trainer to come in to provide some extra goalie training.

The spring recreation season is approaching and the club needs to look into the rules for flyers being distributed through the schools. Many schools are adding a number of restrictions.

With no other topics to be discussed, a motion was made by Bob seconded by Angelo to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Bush